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Small Acts Have Great Power

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Everyday ways to protect our oceans

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Small Acts Have Great Power

Each of us has the ability to create change. Each of us has the power to do something small.


It's true. Our planet and oceans are facing major challenges. 

With the constant barrage of bad news, it can be easy to feel powerless. But the tides are changing. 

Led by globally respected organizations like The Smithsonian Institute , people all over the world are choosing optimism and action.

Inspired by the wonders and  magic of the oceans, here we celebrate conservation successes and our collective efforts to help protect the seas and marine life.  We're just a small fry.  But we like small.

Please join us in sharing solutions and success stories! We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Why Protect our Oceans? All life on earth depends on them

No matter where you live, oceans are essential to all life on earth. In addition to our responsibility to protect and preserve the animals, plants and birds that make the sea their home, there’s a lot more going on in and because of the oceans than many of us may realize...

Pick 3 Ways to Help Start small, think big.

It can be tempting to feel powerless with all the bad news out there, but making little changes in the way we live our daily lives can go a long way in helping our oceans. Using fewer plastic products is a huge help - just for starters! Read on for more everyday ideas...

Ocean Optimism Read the Good News

From 5th grade crusaders to Irish seafaring super heros, California citizen scientists, and a Mexican family who started a reef restoration revolution - there's good news out there about our ability to take action, change our ways, and become inspired...